When Did the Celebrities Become Our Heroes?

When Did the Celebrities Become our Heroes?
Apparently nowadays whenever a celebrity shares an opinion on anything, it is national news. From being spotted with another celebrity to attending a party- everything is news to us.
Now I am okay with celebrities getting such a big chunk of the national news because a lot of people do want to see what these celebrities do 24x7.
What I don't understand is, when did we appoint these very pretty people who sell us soaps and plastic paints for walls as the shapers of our generation?
Since when did we start expecting logic, common sense and basic general knowledge from them?
because if you say we don't, then the entire country wouldn't be getting upset by one of these celebrities every month because they wrote or said something stupid or insensitive.
You do understand these people are neither intellectuals, nor highly educated, and not even partially informed. They are actors, models and reality TV stars. More than half of them are only famous for looking pretty. A lot of them are kids of already famous people or rich businessmen.
When Anushka Sharma misspelled the name of our Late ex-president twice on twitter, the entire country got mad, and she faced a heavy backlash from her fans everywhere. When I read that, my reaction to that story was... nothing, and it was particularly because of three reasons:
First, she means nothing to me.
Second, she doesn't represent my intelligence so there is no need for me to be upset in case she is an idiot.
Third, instead of feeling disappointed or hurt, I laughed for 3 seconds at her mistake and then completely forgot about her existence.
But does that mean I am not a fan of her? I actually am not, but even if I were, my reaction would have remained the same. And that is because, as a fan, my expectations from her are strictly restricted to her art only. And that is what she is known for: acting. Not for being a moral philosopher, a thinker, a political commentator, an analyst or an economist.
You know, we all have that one stupid friend who always says the dumbest, crappiest, most insensitive shit all the time, but we ignore him and never take him seriously because he's a freaking idiot. But we don't stop hanging out with him either, because he is also very entertaining.
These celebrities are exactly like that friend, we like them because they are very pretty, we love to look at them and they provide us with entertainment, but somewhere along the line, we started taking them seriously.
So, how did they become the shapers of our generation?
One, it's the media.
Nowadays, to create a viral moment, at any premiere or promotional event, some idiot posing as a journalist will shout out a completely unrelated question from a distance to a female actor. And they always target these young female actors because they are usually the ones most out of touch with reality.
And the respective celebrity, even though she has no clue about it, gives an answer because she doesn't wanna show that she is stupid. As a result, she gathers whatever words she can find in her mind and says them in a sentence and leaves it for the rest of the world to judge her.
And we do judge her, as if we expected her to know the answer in the first place. People care greatly about what our celebrities say, think, their grammar, their political inclinations, political affiliations, social causes, social activism, and their dumb tweets.
So apparently we want our celebrities to be what? some sort of meta-humans who are geniuses, politically and socially aware, sensitive, warm, receptive to any criticism, constructive and ultra good looking? really? That's Iron Man.
What do you think these celebrities do on any regular day of their lives? Read news on their ipads regarding the Syrian Crisis and the immigration policies of Australia?
They are freakin celebrities. These are the people who had the least inclination to acquire an education and now earn in millions for looking pretty.
An average day in the life of a celebrity in my imagination would be something like:
They wake up in their million dollar homes, and then stare into the mirror admiring for hours how perfect looking they are after havin painting their faces with make up.
Then they probably go to the gym where they work out for hours and strive to be even better looking than their previous selves they witnessed in the morning.
After work out, they get into their million dollar cars, and meet their entourage whose only job is to keep pumping their egos up by telling them, "they are the best actors in the world, infinitely better than their contemporaries who are doing much better than them."
Then they probably go to an awesome party at a kickass club exclusive to only celebrities and millionaires, where they meet more people from their fraternity, gossip, get drunk, and possibly hook up with each other.
That according to me would be a Tuesday in the life of a celebrity. Not a millionaire. A millionaire has to work daily to continue to be a millionaire, whilst, a celebrity gets buckets of money thrown at them by corporate ad agencies only in exchange for photoshopping their picture next to a pan bahar tin can.
When did our heroes shift from poets, authors, satirists, humorists, scientists, philosophers to actors, models, and reality TV stars? These are the people we look up to now? When did lowering our standards become something to be proud of?
We should just accept them as actors and appreciate their art. Stop treating them as the heroes or geniuses of our generations. Do you know what their job is? Their job entitles them to pretend to be a different person who is actually written by someone else.
Also, these are the same people who are selling us fairness creams, alcohol, tobacco, hair oil, fucking soap bars and shampoos as if they use those products.
They don't care about you. They pretend to, because you are making them millions of dollars of money. But why do you care so much about them so much?
You wanna know why? Because they have invested a lot of money on teams of people whose only job is to make you their followers. Such people are called the PR agencies, managers and agents. They provide them with the scripts; all these interviews that you watch and so love about them, they are already scripted. All the questions that are going to be asked to these celebrities are selected by the celebrities and their PR teams; all the answers are rehearsed, and they mention beforehand the topics and questions they don't wanna be asked. That's show business.
And because of that we love them so much that now we want to look like them, dress like them, be like them, without even knowing who they actually are. We start buying shit because it's got their faces on it, we use dumb social media apps because we wanna look at their pictures and talk to them, we are watching and glorifying a pure nonsense, never evolving industry that proudly produces cinema which has reduced our intelligence, our creativity, and delivers a serious assault on our IQ levels everytime you expose your mind to it.
Now I am not asking you to unfollow these people, do follow them but follow them within the spectrum of reason, not blindly. If you are affected by their statements, by their political affiliations, or their stance regarding an issue, then you are taking them a bit too seriously. Loosen up, man! You're your own beautiful, magnificent, diverse person. And the most unique thing about you is your original identity. And the moment you try to become someone else, some fictional character you saw on some TV show or movie, you lose your inherent uniqueness. You join the herd and become the crowd. You go from something to nothing.
And it is their job to provide you with light hearted entertainment, so take them lightly. Stop getting influenced and bothered by anything other than their acting. They are just actors, they don't control the world. You do.
So spend some time with yourself. Introspect. Get your priorities straight. And choose your heroes for their virtues and talents, not for their appearances.
Personally, if you can see through this bullshit, if you haven't been yet turned into a mindless zombie consumer whose life has been reduced to buying whatever Alia Bhatt or Kendall Jenner wore on their instagram accounts, if you can see how fake this celebrity kingdom really is, then you are already a hero.
And for the rest of the world, you have a history full of scientists, philosophers, writers, musicians, psychologists, reformers, engineers, strategists, painters, great rulers, historians, biologists, freedom fighters, explorers, visionaries, poets, mathematicians, economists, leaders, the choices are unlimited. So, make a better one.