4 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Chasing Girls in your Life!

4 reasons why you should stop chasing girls and put all that energy into changing your lives forever!

Number 1. You do it for your self esteem. 

If you send random girls messages and friend requests, then how do you ever find out why you got rejected? Do you know why she friendzoned you and never dated you while she got herself a new boyfriend? You will never know. But one thing that is definitely going to happen is all these rejections will have a serious impact on your self-esteem. An impact that you most certainly don't need, and don't deserve at all.
Because the reasons behind why she dumped you are based on her opinions of you. They have got nothing to do with your reality. So protect your self esteem. Don't hand it to some completely under-qualified person who would crush it because she would rather be with a douchebag dependent on his daddy's money for cars, booze and parties.
You don't need that unnecessary rejection in your life.

Reason number 2. What is a greater feeling than love? 
It's the feeling of achievement. Unlike love, the feeling of achievement is much better and is permanent. It will last till the day you die.
On your deathbed, you may regret about not having loved someone, but you will most definitely regret not doing what you wanted to do in your life when you had the chance.
So for now, screw searching for girls in your life, focus on your self, your individuality, your identity, because that's what really matters.

Reason number 3: Money. 
Because money gives you a better lifestyle, it gives you better options, and it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want! Forget your penis for a year or two or however long it takes to be successful. Become successful, and you will get the prettiest girls in the world if you still want that. If you don't believe me, just sign yourself up on any of the matrimonial sites, and see the salary expectations of the prettiest girls you find on these sites. They are literally not giving any shit about how you look, what personality you have!
All they are looking for is a guy who earns five times more than they do. Why?
Because girls get attracted to successful guys. It's not a mystery. And why do they get attracted?
Because success defines dedication, focus, and most importantly your character and attitude towards life.

Reason number 4. And this is the most important reason. 
If you put all that energy into building yourself, with that never giving up spirit, you can change your entire life. And not just yours, even the lives of people around you. Let me ask you something, when was the last time you spent your m

oney on a girl? On dinners, movies, lunches, gifts, shopping, even recharging your phone so you could talk to her.
Now when was the last time you spent any money on your mother? When was the last time you took your mother out to dinner, or lunch, or bought her a gift, or just recharged her phone?
I want you to calculate all the money you think you might have spent on the girl you are with, doesn't matter if she is your girlfriend or not, and then compare it with how much money you have spent on your parents. Even if your parents are financially able.
Stop investing your money on relationships that can end in any moment, on relationships that haven't even started, and relationships that are solely based on how much you can spend.
With enough money, you can change the lives of people around you, the lives of your parents, your brother or sister, and especially of someone who needs money. Rather than buying a diamond necklace for a girl, or clothes from Prada, you can pay for someone's education. You can change lives of people who really need your help.

Come on! For once, just try this for once in your life. Take six months, and put all that energy, that determination, that time in which you have been chasing girls and just devote it your self.
Acknowledge that you have dreams, and there is nobody in life that is going to help you get there. You are on your own.
Thank you for listening. Share this video with all your friends. We don't want any man left behind. And most importantly, don't forget to subscribe. I believe in you. It's time you change your life, my friend.